Late Breaking News
The Fairfield Glade Ladies Club is a Section 501(c)(3) organization.  A receipt form for
your tax deductible donation is available on Travel, Service Projects, and Events pages.
New Trip to Take
(See details on Travel page)
New Trips to Take:
(See details on Travel page)
Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg & The Greenbrier

Leslie Odom, Jr., and Knoxville Symphony Orchestra

Scandinavian Capitals and
Norwegian Fjords


Delights of Spring

4 TPAC Broadway Shows:
'On Your Feet', 'Anastasia',
'Hello Dolly', and 'Fiddler on the Roof'

A Stitch in Time
New Trip to Take
(See details on Travel page)
Visit Our New Facebook Group!
It's Easy, Just Follow the Directions Below.
The Fairfield Glade Ladies Club now has a Facebook Group! If
you are on Facebook and would like to join our closed group,
please follow the following instructions.

Search for Fairfield Glade Ladies Club

Depending upon your device, your search results will show our
group. Click on it and you will be asked three questions and an
administrator will approve your request.

If your search does not show our group, find the categories
directly under the search bar and scroll over until you see
“groups.” Click on groups and the results should show our group.
Click on it, answer the questions and your request will be

Helpers will be at the Ways and Means table after the meeting
and in upcoming months to help you.

Contact Mary Ann Urban at 724-875-0315 or urban. with questions

Cells will be taken to Verizon to be cleaned off and
reset.  Only 911 calls are allowed to be made from
them.  Please turn them in at the luncheon.
Avalon Center needs old cell phones!

    Silent Auction
    During the Feb. 6 Luncheon

    Deadline for Donations January 30.
    New items only, please.
    Ex:  gift cards/certificates, jewelry, artwork,
    collectibles, services, travel, etc!

    Volunteers needed for the day of the Auction.

    Contact:  Mary Ann Urban, Chair

    Then, come early and place the winning bid on a