The Publicity Committee Chair obtains information from committee chairs regarding their particular needs for articles,
coordinates.  The Photographer is responsible for photography.  Any requests for additions to the web site should be sent to
the Webmaster at  Normal deadlines for web updates are the Friday before the monthly
luncheon and the 15th of the month.

The Publicity Committee consists of all committee chairs that write and submit articles for publication to the chair in a
timely manner and request photos as needed.  It is important that all committee members plan ahead and then think
backwards.   Keep deadlines in mind to determine when and how often articles are to run.

Print Deadlines:  Articles must be submitted by 8 a.m. on the Friday before the week to be published in the Glade Sun and
by 12 noon on Thursday to the Glade Vista.  There is no guarantee that all articles will be published.

Note:  There is no guarantee the papers will use the byline written by the author of the article.  Frequently they will change
and/or write their own byline.  

Current Publicity Committee members:  Barbara Davis - Co-Chair, Writer
                                                              Marjorie Philippe - Co-Chair, Photographer, Backup Writer
                                                              Nancy Martin - Co-Chair, Webmaster