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June 10, 2020
Secret City, "The Manhattan Project"
July 10-11, 2020
Christmas in July
September 16-25, 2020
Canyonlands of Southwest
October 8-9,2020
Riding the River
October 12-17, 2020
Quilting Extravaganza
October 17-24,2020
Footprints to Freedom
October 22, 2020
Pink Jeeps in the Smoky Mountains
Nov. 26-Dec. 4, 2020
Danube Splendor:  A Holiday Cruise
December 19, 2020
Clayton Holiday Pops Concert
Travel Reservations & Cancellations
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Travel Alert dated 06.26.18
Travel Policies and Procedures
Updated 9.15.19

    March 23, 2020

    Dear Traveling Friends,

    We are all trying to adjust to the new normal of unprecedented times due to the coronavirus. Your Travel Club has
    had to cancel 3 trips: A Musical Journey, Have A Blast in Rocket City and our Essential Holland Cruise. A complete
    refund will be mailed out shortly for the Rocket City trip as payments had not been sent out yet because the trip
    departs May 11th. The Musical Journey trip is a bit different because we were only 8 days from departure and all
    vendors had been paid in full. Therefore, when we receive the refunds (which the vendors have stated that they will
    refund fully), we will be refunding you! There will be no need to file a travel insurance claim as you will be receiving a
    full refund. As you realize, we are your travel club and not a tour company and we organize the trips just for you.
    When you give us a deposit, we send the deposits directly to the hotels, etc. When you make your final payments,
    we then forward those payments directly to the vendors (hotels, restaurants, attractions). This is different from a tour
    company where they operate on a profit. Your trips are offered at the exact cost of the trip, plus 2% of the cost, which
    goes directly to “club equity,” which is used for our year-end philanthropic disbursements and entitles us to provide
    tours to our members as “fund raising” activities.

    With the coronavirus upon us, many people have questions regarding “travel insurance.” Travel insurance can help
    but has its limits! Travel insurance is a good idea if you’re traveling to a place where you feel more at risk of getting
    sick or if you have a medical condition that could force you to cancel your trip. Policies have a very specific list of
    covered reasons for cancellation but general concern about traveling isn’t one of them. Shop around and read the
    “fine print” to make sure that the travel insurance you’re considering, covers everything you think it should. If you have
    pre-existing conditions, select a policy that covers pre-existing conditions. Check out the website that lets travelers
    compare travel insurance ( We list 3 major travel insurance companies on the travel page of the
    Ladies Club website.

    We have some great trips coming up this summer: Christmas in July (deadline June 5th) – Pink Jeeps – Secret
    City. Also, our Falls trips are “a go!” Sandi Edwards is planning to redo “Have a “Blast” in Rocket City” for next May.
    Our trip, that was to leave today (“A Musical Journey”), will be redone to coordinate with a trip that I was already
    working on for March 2021. It will still visit Memphis (Graceland) and New Orleans but from there it really takes off.
    Watch for this new trip on the website. It’s titled, “Spring in the South - My Favorite Places” and you guessed it …
    this is my last hurrah (other than Ireland) and I’m taking you to my favorite places down South!

    Please everyone - stay safe and healthy during these trying times!

    Rosemary Stuckmann
    Travel Committee Chairman